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The ultimate connected segmental body composition monitor

The Tanita RD-545 is the ultimate tool for tracking your fitness progress. With medical accuracy, it analyses the composition of your body. It does this separately for different body parts. It then wirelessly connects to your smartphone, providing you with unparalleled insight into your health and fitness.

The Tanita RD-545 shows a wealth of measurements that help you keep tabs on your fitness progress and health. Each of your arms and legs, as well as your trunk are separately analyzed, providing insight in your muscle balance. Click on the white icons below to read more information about the different measurements.

Tanita scales use advanced Biometric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology for their accurate measurements. Tanita RD-545 goes one step further. It uses dual-frequency BIA technology, something which used to be exclusive to professional models. This uses two separate currents, ensuring even higher accuracy.

The RD-545 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. This allows it to wirelessly share information with your smartphone. You can then use the free My Tanita app or similar apps such as Google Fit or Apple Health to view your data, check clear and helpful graphs, track your goals and monitor your progress. Consumer/home use only. Android 5.0 and up, iOS 9.0 and up.

“Operation Guide” TANITA RD-545, de-mystifies your first time use: Makes it easy!

Manuals: Read first to get an idea what they do! (Even though a written description doesn’t really give these models full justice as to how amazing they are, and how much in “real life” they help, a quick read makes it easier to use!)

  1. RD-953:
  2. RD-545:

Still deciding which TANITA “RD” ? Watch these…

  1. RD-545 “Segmental Supreme”: and
  2. RD-953 “Supreme” :

Pairing problems with your phone?

To solve paring troubles it is as easy as this (watch vid.) …

NOW (as of August 2020) you have a choice of TWO highly motivating Apps:

  1. The original “My Health Planet” App from TANITA-Japan, or …
  2. Developed by TANITA’s Euro office, “My TANITA”.

Simply go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to put in your choice and download.

Which?  Health Planet or My TANITA?.  May I suggest just casually picking any one to try for a while with some months of data input and then try the other.

Commercial use purchasing:

This is a consumer product (for the home-user).

We have many commercial use purchasers: However this consumer product range is not purposefully designed for the heavy duty wear of a massive customer base, this is what TANITA’s commercial-professional (clinical) range is designed for.  Contact us for referral to supplier(s) of TANITA Commercial range.

Limited NZ based warranty used commercially:

TANITA Corporation offer zero warranty on consumer range used commercially.

BM&S Imports – TANITA-NZ: Due to our many years’ experience and observation of the high quality and reliability in the standard of manufacture of TANITA’s Consumer range, we BM&S Imports independently of TANITA Corporation offer ONE YEAR replacement warranty only on certain models used commercially. Any apparent damage or excessive wear would void free warranty.

For your confidence, in the years since launch of the sensational RD range we have not had one unit queried or returned as faulty either personally owned or used commercially.

“RD” is a stellar quality range of product.

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